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Little Fur is a very special boy - the sweetest and cuddliest here, but also the most dangerous!

He is a blind albino fallow stag, so every September he drops off his antlers and comes into the main paddock for cuddles and kisses. He loves people and gets a lot of attention, looking like a little white reindeer. After three months, his new antlers finish growing, his testosterone rises, he sharpens his antlers, and starts trying to stab everyone. He then has to go down to his ‘rutting’ paddock for the next nine months.

It’s a sad time, but seeing his big beautiful antlers kinda makes up for not being able to cuddle him during those months!


When you sponsor Little Fur, you will be helping to provide food, comfortable environments and veterinary care for him and all the animals here at the Lyell Deer Sanctuary, and supporting us to be able to continue rescuing and rehabilitating more deer. We are entirely self-funded, and every little bit helps so much!



You will also receive:

• A personalised sponsorship certificate

• A full-colour photograph of Little Fur

• Lyell Deer Sanctuary pen and stickers

• Quarterly letters/updates from Little Fur himself, posted physically to the sponsor’s address (or delivered digitally if preferred). Children are encouraged to write back to him to receive a personal response!

• Free admission to the Deer Sanctuary for 12 months, so you can visit Little Fur as often as you like

• Membership to our online ‘Deer Hearts Club’, with behind-the-scenes photos and updates

• 10% off tickets to events at Lyell Deer Sanctuary, including our Christmas ‘Adopt-A-Reindeer’ activities

Little Fur Sponsorship

  • We are a small family-run animal sanctuary, so when you sponsor an animal through us you get personal and individualised service. We are happy to adjust your sponsorship package to suit you: do you want to gift this to a whole family to enjoy together, or a whole class, or even delegate someone else to visit your deer if you can’t come yourself… Just send a message and we will try to find a solution that works for you.

  • Postage of your sponsorship merchandise is included in your sponsorship package, and dispatch will be within 2 business days of payment. The quarterly letters from your deer will be posted physically unless ‘Digital Option’ is selected.

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