Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my dog to visit the Sanctuary?

Please don't. This is a safe space for the deer. We often have young deer roaming in the public area, as well as the chickens and other birds. Unfamiliar dogs can upset them. If you do bring your dog, you may be asked to leave.

Are you open today/tomorrow/school holidays?

We are open every weekend, 10am-4pm. The only reasons we would not be open on a Saturday and Sunday are:

  • the weather is too bad/unsafe;
  • we are in COVID lockdown (we are in the Moreton Bay LGA, which usually locks down with Greater Brisbane);
  • we have a private event on, such as a wedding or party;
  • OR I am sick and unable to function to open to the public. I love sharing our space with people, but it is just me here and no one to take over if I am unwell.
In all of these cases, I will have updates and announcements on social media, so if you follow us there, you will be on top of all our news! Facebook Instagram We are happy to open up on weekdays too, and usually open a few extra days over the school holidays, but I have four young kids of my own and am often running around with them. That is why weekday visits must be by appointment, and hopefully at least a day ahead. That way I can work around you and ensure that I am here to let you in when you arrive! School holiday opening days will be announced on social media too.

What can I expect when I visit the Sanctuary?

Well, if you take that turn off the main road and travel all the way to the bottom of the mountain (four minutes drive, but feels like green fields and gumtrees forever), you will find a tiny, family-run animal sanctuary, and be welcomed onto our property to share the very special experience of making friends with deer. You will find friendly deer, cattle, goats, chickens and ducks wandering around. You will find dirt, dust, animal poo and children playing. You will find us working hard to provide love and comfort for our rescued animals, and to educate people about them. You will not find a 'zoo' or large-scale tourist operation, but you may well find something special that touches your heart, whether you pop in for a few minutes, or stay for hours. The money you pay for admission goes entirely to feed and care for the animals. We have been saving money for five years to be able to upgrade the paddocks, which is finally happening over the next few months! You will find peace, love and animal connection here. Visit us soon! Here is a review about us from Brisbane Kids that will also help guide you in what to expect: