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Lyell Deer Sanctuary is home to a small herd of rescued deer; a motley crew of red, Rusa and fallow deer.


Our passion is rescuing and providing a safe haven for orphaned, injured and displaced deer in Australia, while offering visitors the unique opportunity to get close and interact with these beautiful animals.


We hope to create a space where humans and animals come together in joy, curiosity, and adventure, fostering a deep appreciation for nature, and inspiring visitors to become lovers of wildlife and the environment.

Plan Your Visit


This peaceful little hideaway in the beautiful Samford Valley, around thirty minutes north of Brisbane, is a popular destination for adults and children alike, offering education, serenity, and a truly unique experience.

Want to visit us? Find our opening hours, admission price and guidelines for visitors here.

About Us

We are NOT a zoo or 'farm experience'; we are a small, family-run animal rescue service opening up our property to share the beauty and magic, and a taste of animal sanctuary life.

Along with the deer, we also have goats, cows, chickens, guinea pigs, guinea fowl, peacocks and cats! We have over 50 rescue animals currently living at the Sanctuary. 

You can visit us and cuddle, sit with and hand-feed the deer and many other animals, and your support helps us continue to rescue and care for the deer. 

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